Reale is an Italian band that has been dedicated to communicating their own experience of faith through song, concerts, testimony and music professionally since 2009.

After years of substance abuse and unattained hopes of fame, in different ways, and from different backgrounds, Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Cadorin, (founders of Reale) became members of Mother Elvira’s Cenacolo Community. They were desperate and deluded, both having risked death. Thanks to Mother Elvira’s example, they became closer to the faith. Life in the Cenacolo Community, which has 80 houses around the world, allows members to live together and get to know different cultures and languages, which naturally leads to a deeper spirituality. During his own time in community, Alessandro lived in Bosnia and Brazil (which had a particularly strong influence on him). Thanks to some American friends, they discovered Christian music (Passion, Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Jars of Clay to name a few…) and also discovered that they could pray and express their faith more effectively through song.  Mother Elvira saw their gift and gave them the responsibility of creating new music for the community’s moments of liturgy and prayer. A community band was born by bringing together men and women of different ages from around the world. The individual spirituality of each member gave life to a fresh, new season. It was an experience that changed their lives forever. It was there that Alessandro and Francesca met and fell in love.

After much thought and discernment, they decided to bring Christian music to Italy after they left the Cenacolo Community… and that is exactly what happened. Soon after they were married, their mission began, in response to widespread interest in their stories as well as requests to hear more of their music.

Notwithstanding the challenges of a traditional Italy, their songs quickly became a “Christian underground phenomenon”, being used and requested by numerous walks of faith such as church halls, schools and parishes. Their testimonies became concerts which grew one after the other, bigger, more frequent, which meant they were continuously on tour in Italy. They played for the Pope and for huge Italian Catholic events. What was supposed to be small scale, became a huge mission which reached thousands of people through concerts and playlists.

Friends and musicians who share the same mission joined them along the way to for the Reale that we know today -Francesco Lora (guitar), Luca Giurisato (bass), Dario Minazzo (drums) and Marco Vergnano (saxophone) and a team of technicians- brought together by a great passion.

In this 15 year mission Reale have released:

  • 4 albums : Come nessun altro (2009), Kairòs (2014), Serpenti e Colombe (2016), Travolgimi (2018) #1 Italian chart iTunes
  • 1 greatest hits (Migliore 2020)
  • Numerous singles, and hundreds of concerts


In 2022 the single “Parole e silenzi” was translated into 4 languages: Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese. This helped to spread their music and allowed them to pave the way for international audiences by playing shows in the United States, Germany and Poland.

In 2023 they go on to promote the “Asking for Faith” project in collaboration with the Dicastery for Evangelization of the Holy See. They also created international collaborations in English and Portuguese with artists such as Ziza Fernandes, Misionario Shalom, Martin McNally and realize the Asking for Faith tour, a world tour that reached almost 2 million spectators: Medjugorje, New York, London, Nuremberg, Fortalzeza as well as performing in the three main shows at World Youth Day in Lisbon.

In 2024, Reale celebrate 15 years of their mission. It will be a year full of international collaborations, unpublished new releases, new publications and concerts to celebrate this anniversary.